Marissa and Jeff Allen, a husband and wife duo, birthed the idea for Cookie Society. Marissa has always had a passion for baking, and after a trip to NYC with her husband, she was inspired by a famous bakery's amazing cookies. She decided to create her version of the "Ultimate Cookie" with indulgent, crispy edges, chewy, and tender center. After months of recipe development, she achieved it! Starting with a Chocolate Chip cookie, Marissa created the famous Banana Pudding cookie, and the flavors expanded to over 70. She gave cookies to anyone who would take them, including her husband's teammates (a retired 8-year NFL veteran), who raved about them in the locker room. Marissa started receiving orders from her husband's teammates before she was officially selling her cookies. That's when Marissa and Jeff realized they could turn their passion into a business. After a year of brainstorming, they established Cookie Society in 2018.



the cookie society boutique bakery catering delivery in frisco and dallas texas


Cookie Society takes pride in their signature flavors, which draw inspiration from beloved childhood treats, classic desserts, and unique flavors typically reserved for pies and cakes. Their cookies are crafted with indulgent, real butter and boast crispy edges, a tender center, and a chewy texture, making them an instant favorite.

Whether it's their classic Chocolate Chip, famous Banana Pudding, or innovative Salted Caramel and Cookies & Cream flavors, each cookie is freshly made-to-order with care and attention to detail. The use of real butter ensures an authentic, homemade taste that everyone craves, without relying on margarine or shortening.

With over 45 employees, Cookie Society is a rapidly expanding business that remains committed to delivering exceptional cookies with every order.


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Exciting news! Our cookie company is growing, and we're moving into a larger production facility to whip up even more of your favorite treats!

Due to this big move, we'll be taking a shipping break for the rest of June and July. But don't worry – our stores remain open, and local pick-up is available.

Thank you for your sweet support and understanding. We'll be back to shipping deliciousness your way starting 8/1!

Stay sweet,

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